10 Habits of Successful Womenpreneurs

10 habits of successful womenpreneurs

You have an idea. A good one. You put a name to it and shop it around to your circle of trust and influence to see if they agree with you that it is necessary. The answer is a unanimous “Heck yeah! You need to do that!” And so you do. You go out on both limbs, build a website, get some business cards, start a Facebook business page, share it with a few hundred people and you’re off.

A few months (maybe a few weeks) down the line, something happens: life. It hadn’t halted before but now that the excitement of idea development has transformed into less-than-glamourous business management, marketing on a shoestring, and cold-calling customer acquisition, the fun officially leaves you for sun, sand, and oceanviews. You’re left there to mull over pure, unadulterated work.

Maintaining the initial excitement and renewing it with each new day is imperative to longevity and long-term success but is a real-life challenge. See, the manifestation of outward success begins with a quiet, secret, all-by-yourself “success mindset.” It’s consistently eating, drinking…better yet…it’s consistently scoffing down and gulping the very stuff that convinced you to spread those wings and jump in the beginning. But the truth is having your very own business can be invigorating torture. Painful pleasure. Motivating and frightening. It’s the making of all good things worth having, right? You need only start embracing your journey to success by adopting two handfuls of habits.


10 Habits of Successful Womenpreneurs

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Speed learn.
  3. Do not procrastinate.
  4. Manage/save their money.
  5. Work hard consistently.
  6. Set priorities.
  7. Set clear goals.
  8. Maintain a healthy diet.
    • Clear head.
    • Energetic body.
  9. Prepare for tomorrow.
  10. Take risks.
    • Bulldoze fear.
    • Willing to fail.

Have you adopted these ten habits? What habits would you add? Share below!