5 Traits of a Great Leader


By Andrea Jackson

Image courtesy of Andy Core
All of us have needed guidance at some point in our lives. In times of great distress, difficulty, or importance, leaders help by keeping us focused and grounded. At this moment in history great leaders are needed more than ever. Do you consider yourself a leader? Here are five traits that great leaders possess.

  • Visionary- Leaders see the bigger picture. Of course the details matter, but it all has to be for a greater purpose. Leaders are able to to consider all parties involved, make strategic choices, and produce long-term outcomes.
  • Courageous- Not only do leaders lead the way, but they also do the work. They go beyond the average to see things through. Even when the odds are against them, they don’t allow any fear of failure to stop their efforts. They understand that failure includes lessons, wisdom, and new opportunities.
  • Inspirational- We cannot lead if no one is following. You must be able to inspire others to be greater, do more, and believe in what can sometimes seem impossible. Leaders also need to be able to follow and find their own inspiration. Every day is not going to be easy but inspiration helps to maintain a healthy spirit and gives you strength to push yourself and others to success.
  • Expert- Leaders understand that they can only lead as far as their knowledge and skills. Longevity is built not in the number of followers, but in the quality and participation of them. A wise leader studies their craft and always searches for improvements. Having proper vision helps in ensuring that a solid team of talented people is built to do what the leader cannot.
  • Communicator- Leaders have to be able to express their ideas, teach, and network. Whether the communication is written, verbal, or within an art form, leaders are most effective when they are able to clearly transmit their messages to the masses.

If you just read about someone you know, please encourage them. Leading is a challenge and your support is essential. Did you just read about yourself? If so, please keep up the great work! Congrats on living in purpose.

Be more… Do more… Live Plus!