Ain’t Nobody Like You


“You ain’t meant to fit in…” These are just a few of the inspiring lyrics in Yenrah’s “Like You” track featuring GMERIQ and Big Redd.

Known as “UNIQbeauty” in my former life (LOL) or rather back in my modeling days, I consider this perfect theme music. Always trying to fit in, prior to accepting my uniqueness, I wished I had songs like this to edify me as a youngster. However, even now, songs like this minister to me.

Just an hour ago, I was sharing my personal story during an interview. I am always super nervous sharing the intimate details of where I was once upon a time and how God saved me from myself. I’m nervous because I know the tale is graphic, dark, and ultimately depressing until we cross the happy bridge over to present-day life. But it’s while I’m processing out of my fears of sharing, God reminds me “there’s nobody like you; you went through for others not to.”

You have to know you’re not supposed to fit in, there’s nobody like you…and neither is your HIStory and HERstory!