Bucket Lists & Babies


by Andrea Jackson

The List-
Everyone has goals that they want to accomplish and things they would like to experience in their lifetime. The formal term for this collection is a bucket list. Have you ever looked over items on your bucket list and wondered, “Why haven’t I done this already? “ You may have had plenty of time to do it and there were no real obstacles in your way, but it’s not accomplished. At that moment, you may have realized things had changed; you had changed. But when?

The Question-

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” -Danielle LaPorte

This question provides a strong explanation: You changed when you allowed the world to influence your decisions. Family and friends always have opinions about what should or could be done. Television shows, magazines, music, and other communication mediums add to the mix by providing a variety of the how’s and why’s of life. We can easily get lost in the mix of it all; feeling like puppets. But we are supposed to live for ourselves, our futures, and do what’s best.

That’s the Spirit-
The last time I remember not being so influenced by the world, was in my teenage and early young adult years. According to Erik Erickson’s developmental stages, that time is when people begin to gain more independence and develop a greater sense of individuality. During this time, they also have a youthful spirit (fresh, fearless, flexible, potential, active, growth, and belief that second chances exist). That spirit helps in creating the bucket list. In 2013, Evian launched a “Live Young” campaign. One of their commercials captured a unique perspective. The characters looked like they’d tapped into a piece of themselves that had been lost or forgotten. They remembered who they were and loved it! They showed that there’s power in living with a youthful spirit. Be sure to remember who you were and why you created your list. Your abundance lies in living young and wise.


Watch the commercial here.