How to Create Your Own Loyalty Program

How to create your own loyalty program

How to create your own loyalty programI wish I could remember where I was, virtually, when I came across LoyalBlocks. What I do recall is the feeling I immediately had: “Oh shux! Now, I can tell ALL of my entrepreneurial guys and gals with storefronts they can have their very own loyalty program!” The very issue most small businesses have, especially during those first months to a year, is getting folks in the door more than one time. Could LoyalBlocks be the core marketing solution many of us have been seeking out or wished our colleagues shared with us? In my opinion, the answer is “absolutely!”

Try it FREE and be sure to leave us a comment about how it worked for you. Here’s a quick glimpse of what their site says they can do for you.

LoyalBlocks is an all-in-one loyalty marketing solution. Get people walking through your door, drive sales, pick up slow hours and increase social media exposure.

  • Customize a loyalty app for your business Turn your customers’ mobile phone into a smart loyalty card. Drive sales, pick up slow hours, increase social media exposure and gain new customers.
  • Automatic Connect with your customers as soon as they walk in and send them personalized rewards. Our patented technology will transform your store into a loyalty zone where customers simply walk in and get rewarded. Seamless and intuitive.
  • Punch Cards Create and customize your own smart punch card and place it on your customers mobile phones. Automatically reward their visits or purchases with LoyalBlocks loyalty solution.
  • Customer Rewards Pick up slow hours, reward repeat visits, incentivize new customers and send real time rewards to in-store customers. Watch as your business mobile app does it all for you.
  • Facebook Marketing Turn foot traffic into facebook activity. Get facebook checkins from your customers, engage with their friends and turn them into customers. As soon as your customers walk-in they’ll share their visit on Facebook, without taking their phone out of their pockets.
  • Personalized Control Customize your own loyalty marketing plan based on specific business needs and preferences. Ultimate control for ultimate flexibility.