Curvy Chick Fitness: A Personal Conversation with the Founder

Curvy Chick Fitness

By Charity Lynette

Curvy Chick FitnessI started Curvy Chick Fitness because I ultimately wanted to help women save their own lives. CCF is not just a workout it is a movement.  Working out is only half the battle when it comes to transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. I want women to know a healthy lifestyle is obtainable it just takes a little time and determination. For some reason there is this stigma that you have to be skinny to be healthy or if your skinny then that means you are healthy. We all know that isn’t true and I am here to show you that healthy can come with a few curves.

Being a former athlete made me no stranger to the gym and at the ages of 18-23 my metabolism was in full swing. Running up and down the basketball court 6 days a week made it just a tad easier in the weight control department, too. I have always been heavy but the real weight came when “hooping” was done. My eye opener was the moment I had to buy size 24 in pants for a new job.

My motivation came as I watched my mother die of health related issues, consequences of her lifestyle, which I was following at the time. When my mom passed I was about 290 lbs. As the oldest of her two children I was the one handling everything in her household. At some point I came across her medical book that documented almost every hospital and doctor visit. It literally broke my heart to read about the things my mom had been keeping from me. In the end she had a heart and lung disease, which I’m sure being a heavy smoker since the age of 17 contributed to. She was overweight, lacked exercise and made poor food choices. The list goes on.

I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there and it is nothing to feel ashamed about. That is why I feel like my program and approach is different. I don’t specialize in quick weight loss and that shouldn’t be your approach either. Like everything else, it takes time. Crash diets may work but they don’t last. In a month or so you will be right back at square one.

Curvy Chick Fitness is about transitioning your lifestyle. I am going to outline a few tips to help get you become a little more health conscious. I don’t expect you to take everything “bad” out of your diet immediately. That is unrealistic

Curvy Chick FitnessHere are some food tips to help get you started:

  • Stick to foods that grow from the ground. If they are packaged then it should only have one or two ingredients. For example, a bag of almonds.
  • Breakfast is important. It helps get your metabolism going. If it is hard for you then start small. A hard-boiled egg and orange juice could work. It doesn’t have to be a country style breakfast but you need something to help start your metabolism. For a matter of fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to be breakfast foods. A chicken drumstick works too!
  • Buy fresh. Shopping constantly for fresh foods can be time consuming but you can freeze things like meat and getting fresh veggies every few days. When you notice how much better you feel it will be worth it.
  • Fruit for smoothies can be frozen and smoothies are great for a meal replacement. Look online or download a mobile application for recipes.
  • Take regular milk out of your diet. As an adult it is no longer needed. Your body doesn’t know how to digest it so it is stored as fat. Try almond milk as a replacement.
  • Avoid all white foods! Nothing is naturally white except, maybe, cauliflower. Everything else has been chemically enhanced to be made that color.

Here are some ways to get started exercising regularly:

  • Start off small. If you don’t workout AT ALL then try walking 20-30 minutes 3 times a week.
  • If your lunch break is an hour then do a 25 min workout and use the rest to shower and eat at your desk.
  • Find a motivating partner who works out and join them for a session.
  • For those that do workout and are getting bored, it’s time to switch it up! Invest $10 in a class. If it’s once a week, it won’t be that hard. (Remember, we make time for what we want and we find the funds for what we want, too.)
  • Hire some one that knows what they are talking about. If you wear designer clothes then you have the funds to invest in your. A physical trainer now or outrageous hospital and doctor bills later?
  • Strength training! Women don’t understand how essential to weight loss that is. Twenty minutes a day of regular exercise goes way further than you may think.
  • Make it a family affair if you have children. Take them out side for a play session in the park. Chasing your babies around will definitely get your body moving.

I know everyone has different lifestyles and the above tips might not be easy for everyone. But if there’s a will then there is most definitely a way and we can help. At Curvy Chick Fitness, we offer personal one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions. If you know children who need to get active, we can share fun and exciting activities tailored just for them. For more info on our bootcamps, drop-in courses, and more, email Follow the movement on Twitter @curvychickfit and Facebook: Curvy Chick Fitness.

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