Do What Scares You

As you look back on last year, have you any regrets? Did you accomplish all you set out to? If you haven’t, I encourage you to look at the next seven days and do something every day that scares you.

You don’t have to sky dive (although I wouldn’t blame you).

Maybe you need only begin writing that book that’s been on your heart for years.

Do you find yourself untrusting of others? Try believing today…then repeat tomorrow and the next day.

Are you a perfectionist with a natural tendency to procrastinate? Adopt a “do it now” attitude and practice it.

Do the words “I love you” cause you to break out into hives? Tell someone everyday how much you love them.

Did you lose the weight you set out to last January? If not, take baby steps each day, literally. Go for a walk and use valuable tools, like MyFitnessPal, to track your nutrition and activity to start the ball rolling. It’s a real confidence booster.

Tomorrow isn’t promised (but you know that already). Do you ever wonder why we wait to do tomorrow what we could do today? Well, let’s not focus on the days left behind. Set your eyes on the days ahead and plow your way through them with defined intentions, excitement, and an expectation of success.

Do what scares you

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