How to Be Fearless

From the time we learn to crawl, we are taught to be careful, cautious, and aware. Too often we internalize such sentiments and they morph into fearfulness.

“Don’t touch that! You’ll get burned.”

“Look where you are going or you’ll fall.”

“Don’t talk to strangers.”

“You can’t tell everyone everything. They may not mean you well.”

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

“If you don’t expect it, you can’t be disappointed.”

“Are you sure you want to do that business. A lot of folks are already doing it.”

“Don’t aim so high. The fall is so much longer.”

Although given a great deal of credit, it isn’t the “haters” who share these thoughts most often. It’s usually those who desire us to be safe, happy, and protected.

When Mom and Dad, husband or wife, BFF, or mentor suggest you don’t do a thing sincerely because they want to shield you from disappointment, sorrow, and failure, you must take the leap anyway while appreciating the love they have for you. When you take your last breath one day, wouldn’t you like to know you are going to arrive in Heaven empty having left all your gifts developed and spread amongst the earth?

To do so, you must:

  • Take initiative
  • Be persistence
  • Have courage

Be fearless today!