Never Buy Retail Again

How to never by retail again

Do you have reservations about getting used items?

Well, by being patient and refusing to pay retail (yes, refusing!), you give yourself the opportunity to spend sometimes 90% to 99% less on the things on your most wanted list. That’s a lot of money worth saving, wouldn’t you say? Think of the traveling you can do on the ninety percent you save on the majority of items you buy throughout the year. For a matter of fact, think about how much you end up selling those same items for at your garage sale. Pennies! You sell those full-price-paid items for pennies on the dollar. But what if you paid $30 for that 15×18 foot area rug instead of the retail $300? Selling it later for twenty bucks wouldn’t bother you one bit!

Never Buy Retail Again

I have made a commitment to never buy retail again or pay full price (unless I’m supporting a fellow entrepreneur or womenpreneur). I’d rather buy used and let someone else pay the depreciation on the stuff. This commitment is not just because I’m a “Frugal McDougal.” I prefer to spend lavishly on my sons’ educations and experiences like world travel with my handsome hubby. (Hey! I’ve got it all in perspective.)

Check out my latest finds!

I needed an office desk and found a brand new one at #Goodwill for $29.99.

Never buy retail again - desk

I needed an OfficeJet printer with fax, scan, copy, and web capabilities and found one on the #offerup app for $65. I paid only $40.

Never buy retail again - printer

I was looking for a nice coffee table for the living room and found one that perfectly complimented the dining room set on Offer Up. Asking price: $50. Paid: $20.

Never buy retail again - coffee table

Save your money and buy used. Pay full price ONLY if the item will appreciate and gain more value over its lifetime. It’s what the wealthy do.

p.s. I got my MacBook Pro in 2010 from a guy who was upgrading to a newer computer. It had $2,000 worth of software on it & was already a few years old. I paid $800 then and since then only had to get a new cord (which was bought for me).

Have you committed to never buying retail again? Share your latest finds.