Seeds and Success


by Andrea Jackson


I believe you may have already connected with your future. Whether it was an internship, conversation, book, media, or simply passing someone in an airport, a seed was planted. What’s interesting is that a seed seldom grows out of place. Where it is planted is where it belongs. So your gift, the one that can seem so hard to cultivate, was given to you on purpose. The environment that gift is cultivated in is not without purpose. Naturally, it may outgrow its pot but only by its roots; showing maturity.


Many times, we question the amount of pressure we experience along the journey. We know what we are built for, have been put in position, but still wonder why others are finding life easier while we struggle. There are two sides to that scenario. One is the perspective that your path should be easy. Well, adversity builds character and easy compromises your strength and testimony. The other perspective lies in the battle that the next person is fighting. Unless they’ve told you themselves, you would never believe the price someone has paid for their success (countless hours, no family of their own, skipping personal milestones, sacrificing privacy, etc). Never assume you know someone else’s truth.


Once we realize what our gifts are and where we should be positioned, the possibilities for success are endless. Your goals may not only be met, but exceeded by simply following your path. There is absolutely nothing wrong with exploring, but staying your course is essential. That’s the quickest route to your destination. Once arrived, you will be equipped with the tools to reap your harvest. It’s not too late to nurture those seeds of yours. Grow at your own pace. Your future is waiting to be realized.

Image courtesy of JobSeekers PTC