THINSPIRED by Mara Schiavocampo

Thinspired Book

Thinspired BookTrying to lose weight is an uphill struggle for most women. But when you’re in front of the camera every day, it can be even more challenging. You might already know Mara Schiavocampo – the bubbly TV personality who works for ABC News. In her new book “Thinspired: How I Lost 90 Pounds – My Plan for Lasting Weight Loss and Self-Acceptance,” Mara talks about her dramatic weight loss and how she managed to lose 90 pounds. Pretty impressive, right? But her weight loss journey was much more than just numbers on a scale. Mara tells us how she found inner peace in the process.

Mara Schiavocampo’s Weight Loss Struggle

In Thinspired, we learn how Mara has struggled with her weight for most of her life – just like so many other women out there. Her story is definitely not unique, but it’s her candid honesty that will really resonate with the reader. Mara tried different diets, spent hours in the gym, developed an eating disorder and even talks about joining a strange “food cult”. However, she still weighed 230 pounds and wanted to do something about it. Despite juggling a new baby, marriage and successful television career, Mara developed a formula that worked for her. The result? She was happier, healthier and fitter than ever before. Now for the first time, she reveals her secrets in Thinspired…

Pain Points

The first thing you will notice about Thinspired is what a joy it is to read. It’s well-written, humorous and at times painful. However, it has a positive message that tells women not to give up when it comes to weight loss. Mara talks about the history of her weight loss story and how she was able to achieve her fitness goals. There’s a poignant flashback in the book about how an unnamed family member made Mara weigh herself every Saturday during her childhood and told her she was too fat to have a boyfriend. Those weigh-ins and comments had a profound effect on Mara as I believe they would on any young person. Mara experience extreme levels of shame as a result.

Making the Right Food Choices

In Thinspired, Mara talks about the most important aspects of weight loss – the foods that you consume. We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘You Are What You Eat’, but this book illustrates that truth with 20/20 clarity. She explains how important it is to make healthier food choices and how to avoid processed foods that could be doing your body long-term damage. Food preparation and coming up with your own food recipes is the first step to losing the weight you have been targeting forever. Mara recommends foods such as chicken, fish, nuts, whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. She goes to great lengths to show readers through her personal experience how to take the necessary small steps to make these satisfying staples in the diet.

THE 70-10-10-10 FORMULA

70% Nutrition

10% Planning

10% Sleep

10% Exercise

This the exact formula Mara used to lose 90 pounds and it is what makes her success story unique. Most nutritionist focus on “what to eat and what not to eat” and the exercise but few have placed the same level of importance on sleep and planning as they do exercise. Mara drills the importance of planning ahead when it comes to meal times so that we don’t make rash decisions about the foods we are going to eat. Scheduling time to cook and making sure you have enough healthy food in the home should be as important as all the other household chores or work commitments that you do on a daily basis. She means business when she discusses the adverse effects of celebrating being on #teamnosleep and how sleep is an integral part of weight loss. If you don’t sleep, your weight loss goals will be impacted greatly.

Final Verdict

This is officially your “change your mindset, change your pant size” book. Thinspired is not a how-to guide to weight loss but rather the unique tale of how one woman was able to overcome her struggles. Although you won’t find loads of exercise techniques or food recipes like in other books (though there are delicious low-calorie dishes like no-flour pancakes and an introduction to SoulCycle), there’s a plethora of advice on how to change your mind set when it comes to losing weight. There are no gimmicks or fad diets in Thinspired – just practical, sound advice that will benefit those who want to change their whole life for the better. If you’re struggling to beat the bulge and need some inspiration (or ‘thinspiration’), then Mara’s book can help you transform. You can then apply her principles to your own life and achieve the body you have always wanted.

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