What to Do With All Those Ideas in Your Head


Yesterday, I posted over a dozen messages on my Facebook Wall. It was as if I had had a conversation with someone (but I didn’t) and needed to expel all of the thoughts and feelings I had harbored about their suffocated successful nature. I know I’m ruthless when it comes to haters, discouragers, and the like. They can’t be stopped but the people they attempt to control with their defeatist thoughts can be shifted with an encouraging word, a little coaching, and a supportive but strong nudge into their destiny.

I am Tiffany “Tip Jones” Keaton and I’m addicted to seeing folks live beyond their

potential and accomplish absolutely everything they desire.


Amongst my numerous posts, as I saturated many of my friends’ Newsfeeds, was a post about being scatterbrained. This is an accusation many creative people have had to bear and in turn, have lost their confidence believing they are too unfocused, a jack of all trades, blah, blah, blah. I think differently. I mean, do you know how many success stories were diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, etc. because they didn’t think and process the way so many others do. These individuals were treated like outcasts opposed to having their learning styles nurtured. (I blame the typical school system but that another issue all together!) Now, these great minds are grown-ups fighting the same battles for acceptance and approval as they did as young people to no avail. Here is what I had to say about the subject…



Don’t let anyone else tell you “you’re all over the place.” You see many things because you are SUPPOSED to. You need only prioritize them. No need to cancel one or two or thirteen of your ideas. Just put them in order of importance.

Here’s my rant: I’m sooooooo tired of those non-dreamers telling colorfully thinking people they need to PICK ONE focus and stick to just that.

How exactly do they think the Russell Simmons of the world come up with record labels, clothing lines, books, and credit cards?

Woman. Man. Put ALL those gorgeous ideas on paper. Create you a timeline, honey, and get ready. When you arrive in Heaven, you want to leave nothing behind.

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